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Obama Pacman

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  • Macbook 11" - 17"

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What material that is used for the decal?

We use aspecially imported high quality thin vinyl.


What is the difference with other decal material?


Why this material?

With thin vinyl, we can make a more intricate and complicated decal designs.


Where can I stick the stick the decal?

On any smooth surface; walls, car window, tiles, and laptops.


The illustration on gadget decal only use Macbook, is the decal only for MacBooks?

It is applicable to ALL laptop models. We only use Macbook Pro 13" for illustration purpose.

How can I apply the decal?

We have made instruction video for you to apply the decal. You can watch below for the video instruction.


Any advice before I apply my decal?

Wipe the surface of your laptop with damp towel and apply it right away; decal can be repositioned when surface is damp.


How long will the decal last?

Our decal are rated for 3-5 years in outdoor use.


Will the decal leave stain/residue when removed?

It will not leave any residue when removed. If in any case if leaves residue, you can always wipe it with a little rubbing alcohol to remove it.


Is it hard to remove the decal?

You can peel it out easily. If you find it hard to remove the decal, just apply some heat (you can use hair dryer) then, your decal will be even more easily removed.


Can the decal be reused?


Please be careful when applying the decal, because you cannot re-align it.


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